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 Introductions Please:


                         Braun Family Photo Album






Heather, Mark & Bob Braun



Bob grew up on a farm in Racine WI, with his grandparents.  He spent his youth working for a vegetable truck farm, a beef farm, and the family poultry farm.  After graduating high school he earned his degree in auto-mechanics. He started his career with Snap-on tools and ventured into his own research enterprise, Braun's R&D. While instructing at Gateway Technical Colllege full-time, Bob and Kim purchased the land where Pigeon River Farm now holds his passion.




Kim Braun  



Kim grew up in Franksville WI just outside Racine.  As a youth she spent her time working with race horses and gardening with her family.  After high school, she became an office administrator for Case Tractor Corporation then was promoted to a development technician in the test department.  While also part of the family research business, Braun's R&D, she continued to pursue her gardening.  Besides running the farm's office end of things, Kim now works full time at Kindred Hearts Assisted Living Center where she is a Resident Assistant (RA)

Shauna Braun

As a youth Shauna worked with her mother and grandparents in the gardens and on the farm.  She especially enjoyed her time raising the chicks.  After graduating high school she attended Gateway Technical College, and she earned her degree in Civil Engineering and Photography.  She now gets to employ both those skills in her new career .



Heather, Mason & Mark Braun



Mark spent most of his youth in Kenosha.  After moving with the rest of the family to Clintonville, graduating high school and starting his career with Walker Forge, he settled down near New London with his wife Heather and their son Mason.  He is a great asset to helping on the farm. His skills as a mechanic and his passion for animals are only a couple of reasons. His keen sense of weather prediction comes in very handy.

Mason Braun

Mason is the third-generation Braun on Pigeon River Farm, and he defines the heart of our daily motivation,  Our goal is to pass-on our good fortune, knowledge and wisdom in sustainable and responsible farming to future generations.  It is our hope that Mason will carry on the traditions we are building at Pigeon River Farm.  He is already learning to love field work.

Jasper Braun



Jasper is the newest addition to the farm.  He came to us from a nearby Goat Milking Farm.  His major role is keeping the steers in line.





Hunter Braun




Hunter has special duties at the farm.  he is very good at hunting rodents and keeping everyone company while haying or feeding animals.  He loves to swim in our pond, run and play with anything or anyone but most of all he loves to eat anything!  

Charlie Braun


Charlie has been part of the Braun family for almost nine years now.  We rescued him from an abusive home and he is now our watchdog.  He tends to bark at EVERYTHING so its hard sometimes to figure out what he is protecting us from.


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