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Pigeon River Farm Free Range Pastured Poultry     

Humanely raised poultry; Free Range, Cage Free creates an environment that allows for high quality of life, that transfers into healthy immune systems and high quality nutritious meat for your table.



Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing of 100% Grass-Fed livestock from field to field creates a healthier product.  A leaner, less marbled and nice textured choice cuts.  Guaranteed no GMO, no corn, and soy free.









Companion Planting    

An age-old practice used to control pests and protect the balance of the Eco-System.  Natures way of discouraging pests but encouraging beneficials.


Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation maintains soil fertility, nutrient balances, reduces or avoids problems with soil-borne diseases, and assists with pest control.  









Available from the Range


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