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We are especially focused on our pastured and pampered, free-range broiler chickens and the premium eggs they produce.  With the help of our proprietory "Chicken Mobile," our bird flock roams and socializes as they rotationally-graze the wide-open expanse of the farm. 

Winter-fed with our own blend of organic grains grown right here on the farm, we take pride in raising our brood as Mother Nature intended.  No artificial preservatives, no growth hormones, no animal by-products, and of course no GMO's are used in any part of our production.  Our certified egg sterilization and packaging center allows us to guarantee a safe, healthy and tasty product. 









With the freedom to free-roam and never caged or force fed, Pigeon River Farm birds are naturally strong and healthy.  We are very proud of the premium flavor and superior nutrition of Pigeon River Farm Golden Rich Pature-Raised Eggs.  Enjoy them as a main course or as naturally perfect ingredient for your favorite recipe.

Naturally-High in Omega 3 fatty acids, Pigeon River Farm Golden Rich Pasture-Raised Eggs bring the superior flavor and health benefits of a truly wholesome and natural food to your familly's table.  


Rich & Flavorful Nutrition in Nature‚Äôs Original Package. 

The Gold is in the Yolk.



You can buy our Golden Rich Eggs @  https://www.fammatch.com/pigeonriverfarm/





Now Open Saturday Mornings  9 - Noon for Egg Pick-ups 

Golden Rich Eggs are in limited supply, so please phone or e-mail your order in ahead of time.  Any eggs not pre-ordered will be available on a first-come / first-served basis.  Weekday egg pickups are also available by appontment only.

Bob Braun 715-754-2425 

Absorb the Golden Rich Nutrition and Enjoy the Golden Rich Flavor of Naturally-High Omega 3 Eggs.

Chicken Mobile

Pigeon River Farm is proud of our Animal Welfare Approved Certification for Golden Fresh Pasture-Raised Eggs.  Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) is a food label for meat and dairy products that come from farm animals raised to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards on independent family farms.


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