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The east grazing pasture for the cattle and goats had a lot of activity this year.  We used to have lambs. We sold them at market, except one renegade whom now has become a pet of sorts.  We also moved the mobile hen house to the other side of the powered fence to keep the goats  from tearing it apart. 


Just this past couple of weeks we finished laying the pipe for our new summer watering system.  In the next day or two my neighbors will be coming to help lay the cement pad for the winter watering system.

The majority of the crops used for the vegetable C.S.A boxes are done for the year. Now it's time to work in the high tunnel, clearing out the spent vegetation and pulling the string posts.  Now that the vegetables are done we are supplying the premium eggs for the C.S.A.

The egg production this year can definitely be considered a success.  We got a new feed grinder at the auction which really makes producing our own grain feed so much more productive.  It needed quite a bit of TLC and mechanical persuasion to get it running, but with my mechanical background I got her working.  Last month we picked up the egg incubator and hatchery so we can better manage the flock for years to come.

Looking ahead, the plans are preparing for the coming Fall harvest and meat processing. 

One of the exciting events we had this year was our first ever field walk on June 30th.  It was a huge success, and it provided a lot of information for everyone that joined us.  We plan to continue offering educational tours as well as using other forums to provide information on responsible sustainable agriculture practices.

This year we partnered with some neighboring farms and formed the FIve Forward Farmers CSA and Online Market for our vegetables and premium eggs.  It has proven to be quite successful, and we are looking forward to many seasons ahead. 



We now have a total of 40 acres of Organic pasture for our livestock to graze on. We are now also a haven for Bees to live and produce Honey. The Bees help our plants, and our plants make our Livestock grow strong and healthy.





The happy home for our Bees





Bees working hard in the high tunnel






This will be the year of grazing our Cattle, Poultry and Hogs on 40 acres of fenced-in pastures. Moving to the next level will mean more work with livestock and a minor reduction of vegatable production.

The new fence adds 25 acres to our aready 15 acres

Our 6 conductor high-tensile wire electric fence of 15 acres used for wintering over of the cattle



Our 60" tall woven wire fence for cattle, pigs and poultry during Summer




Our new pasture pigs are just waiting on the green grass.  In th meantime they enjoy Fresh greens from the high tunnel where it is still green in winter



With all the cold, the Pigs like to play in the straw



Winter cattle feeding 


Need the big tools for winter feeding



Steers eating all the Organic hay from the summer - still nutritious, but not as green











With some help from family, friends, and neighbors, this years successes brought many good times and memories.


Putting in the new pasture fencing allows us to rotationally graze our livestock and keep them out of the wet low-lying areas when the rains come.  



In July we completed our 30' x 96' High Tunnel .  With our abundance of corn this year we decided to overwinter our gravity wagons in the High Tunnel. But as soon as the soil is warm enough we will begin planting our season extending crops. 



The difference between a High Tunnel and a Green House is the fact that the plants are planted direct in the ground and not in raised beds or in planters.  There is no machine humidity or heat controls - just walls that open and close.






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