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Gourmet & Specialty Chickens & Turkey

Pigeon River Farm offers Freedom Ranger, & Black Gourmet and Specialty Organically-raised Chickens.

Thanksgiving Turkey's must be ordered by May 1st to have one on your table by November.

All poultry ordered will be processed by a USDA certified, State of Wisconsin inspected facility. special processing is also available.

We are proud to offer the best in nutrition for your family.  Helping Americans in their quest for better lifestyle, sustainable systems, and supporting local economies. 

Packed with Omega-3 and other essential elements. Research has shown, Americans low in Omega-3 can have many health issues and eating Pastured meat products that naturally produces higher quantities of Omega-3 compared to commercial raised meats, creates a significant increase in health benefits.  

Our laying hens and the rest of the community are treated with high quality humane accomodations, given the best of care and protection from the elements and potential predators, all four seasons.  They are never confined, overcrowded, or stressed.  Always fresh water and fresh air and change in scenery when the seasons shift.







Using our own blend of Organic grains processed on the farm, chicks start out building healthy immune systems and soon join the brood out in the pasture to forage.   Our production never includes hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations, or any synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

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